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SaaS Marketing – What It Takes Marketing SaaS Products

Marketing is considered a tough job where you have to catch the emotions of customers to sell any product. But, SAAS marketing is relatively tougher where SAAS marketers do marketing for such products which don’t have any physical presence or which evolve constant changes in actual products. SAAS marketers face challenges like marketing something that is not useful for a common person. But, before diving deeper it would be better to know what SAAS marketing basically means.

What is Saas Marketing?

Saas is known as “software as a service” and SAAS marketing is a kind of marketing that basically focuses on promoting and acquiring leads for subscription-based software programs. SAAS marketing is quite challenging and difficult from every other type of marketing strategy people are aware of so far. SAAS marketers do have a tough job ahead of them as selling Saas products is not the job for people who have faint of heart. However, compared to traditional businesses that have physical products, SAAS Businesses offer immaterial products. Besides, they also have to prove to their current and potential customers that their subscription services are worth the monthly fees they are charging. To attract new customers


As you all know marketing is all about planning a perfect strategy and execution of it to sell any product and Saas marketing is not different at all. Before you start promoting your Saas products, you have to prepare an effective Saas marketing strategy. So, let’s just dive into this process. Every marketing plan is made up of two crucial aspects i.e. strategy and tactics. You made strategies to achieve your goals and specific objectives and tactics are explicit arrangements that you do to achieve them. However, being a Saas marketer you need to understand a perfect Saas marketing strategy will depend on the stage your company is in right now. So being a startup you need to focus on the below points.

  • Try to establish your credibility as an expert among customers of your arena.
  • Build Some Brand Awareness for your potential customers.
  • Make Sure That the Saas product you are about to sell fits the market requirements.
  • Find the minimalistic actual cost of Saas product that a potential customer can pay.

As a true Saas business, it’s always good to offer your potential customer a free, limited period trial or at least a demo of your Saas product so they can check it themselves. If they will found it worth the subscription fee they will happily look to subscribe to it. Saas products that offer a free trial are known as freemium products. Remember, success key to your customer’s heart lies in offering them a free sample to test out your product(usually from 7 days to 30 days). This way they will be able to figure out if your Saas product is meeting their need and if it’s worth the money they will spend or not.

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