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Digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry, as more and more businesses are shifting into the digital world. But before this, we need to understand the reason behind this. Why every business wants to adopt digital marketing as their key marketing strategy and How can digital marketing help a business in boosting revenue?

Here are some key points that make a business adopt digital marketing.

Today Almost Everyone is On The Internet

We are living in a digital world where everyone is using the internet in some way. Nowadays most of the tasks are performed on the internet. Everyone uses search engines for each type of search query. People search on search engines to get information, enhance their knowledge, shop for something, entertain themselves. They use social media to hang out with friends, share their life moments, get inspiration & share their thoughts & ideas. They use email for personal & professional tasks.

So it is ideal for the business to be where their customers are. There are more chances to grow your revenue.

Online vs Traditional Marketing

We hope that you are familiar with traditional form marketing, where businesses used to show their ads in print media, radio, television, etc.

But businesses were not sure what type of audience saw their ads. Thus they were bound to get the wrong type of audience & unable to track their performance. Therefore they were unable to grow their revenue. But if we talk about digital marketing where the results are measurable, qualitative & quantitative. The only need is to choose the right digital marketing property that suits your business goals.

Digital marketing Strategy

How can different digital marketing channels help you grow your revenue:

There are different digital marketing channels for each type of business goal. Some are free while the others are paid activities. First, you need to understand your business goal & make the strategy according to that. You should choose the right digital marketing property for your specific business goal.

Digital Marketing Channels:

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is the process where one can increase the quality and quantity of traffic to their website free of cost. It is a free activity but requires a lot of effort. The results of search engine optimization last long. If set up properly it can give you good results for a long time. More quality traffic to your website means more chances of conversion. And as a result, it can help you grow your revenue.
  2. Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing includes paid methods of generating traffic. You can run search ads, display ads, video ads to get the traffic. You can target your ads based on audience characteristics & demographics. As search engine ads use a targeted approach to run your ads you will get the targeted audience. If we get the target audience, chances are higher to get more conversion, and definitely, It will grow your revenue.
  3. Social Media Optimization: Social media optimization is the process of utilizing social media platforms to generate traffic. Simply creating social media profiles for your business is not social media optimization. It includes efforts to optimize our social media profile in a strategic way that generates quality traffic and revenue for our business.
  4. Social Media Marketing: Simple posting on social media is not social media marketing. It includes some paid social media strategies, where we run social media campaigns on different social media platforms. As social media platforms also use a targeted approach to run our ads one needs to understand the business goals and the characteristics of the audience before choosing a social media platform.
  5. Email Marketing: Email marketing is a form of digital marketing where we send commercial emails to promote our services or products. If you have a website for your business then you must provide a newsletter to collect your audience’s email but with their permission. So that you can send them an email for other products and services in the future.


Digital marketing is an evolving industry. There are many other digital marketing channels like influencer marketing, affiliate marketing but the goal is to generate traffic & sales for your website or business. For a successful implementation of a digital marketing strategy to your business, you must need the guidance of a digital marketing agency.

Coordials is a leading digital marketing & graphic design agency based in Jaipur that believes in providing quality growth to its clients. For more information, you can contact at [email protected] or +91-9667800099.

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